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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1037 – Brazen Extortion misty ring
“It’s due to him.” Tang Zhizhong searched in Zhou Wen’s motion and whispered into the center-older mankind, “Perhaps they should take sales receipt in our s.p.a.ce fits this period.”
“That’s merely a rumor. Tang Aeros.p.a.ce’s s.p.a.ce meets have invariably been of high quality. There is definitely not an issue. We were basically to understand receipt,” Yu Guang said through gritted tooth.
“Old Tang, that individual is apparently Yu Guang, proper?” The center-older guy checked out Yu Guang with skepticism. He realized Yu Guang, but wasn’t too absolutely sure right now.
“Surrender? Offender?” Absolutely everyone investigated Zhou Wen and Tang Zhizhong in shock.
Tang Zhizhong grimaced, doubtful how he could explain your situation. At this time, Zhou Wen believed to Yu Guang for the location entrance, “I does encounter some difficulties. Will probably be your bureau really pleased to assist me?”
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“But why would Yu Guang…” The middle-old person was doubtful as his eye had been full of puzzlement.
Let Me Game in Peace
“Surrender? Felony?” Every person checked out Zhou Wen and Tang Zhizhong in astonish.
“It’s our duty as being the bureau to eliminate the difficulties for national individuals. If there are any difficulties, you can inform us. So long as it is within the range of our authority, we shall definitely uphold justice for you…” Yu Guang stated righteously such as an impartial Justice Bao from historic China.
Chapter 1037: Brazen Extortion
“I know,” Yu Guang replied. He hurriedly believed to Zhou Wen, “It’s our task to support the roll-out of young talents. The bureau has numerous superior s.p.a.ce fits. If you are searching for learning them, I will make the decision to offer you some.”
Let Me Game in Peace
“Yes,” explained Yu Guang.
“Tang’s s.p.a.ce fits have been of high quality. Why does we transition companies?” Shen Yuchi asked that has a frown.
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“Mr. Zhou, never be concerned. We guarantee to supply these phones your requested site. That is my variety. If there’s any issue together with the s.p.a.ce satisfies sooner or later, call up me anytime. Whether or not the business closes decrease, I will give you right after-product sales support.” Tang Zhizhong given his range to Zhou Wen with both of your hands.
“I know,” Yu Guang replied. He hurriedly said to Zhou Wen, “It’s our responsibility to assist the development of little abilities. The bureau has several sophisticated s.p.a.ce matches. If you are considering researching them, I could decide to provide you a few.”
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“Are you writing about this batch?” Zhou Wen required when he directed on the trucks.
“Director-Normal, what should we do?” Yu Guang realized that Zhou Wen was blatantly extorting them. He got no choice but to seek Shen Yuchi’s guidance yet again.
“That’s only a gossip. Tang Aeros.p.a.ce’s s.p.a.ce accommodates have always been of high quality. There is definitely not an issue. We had been basically to recognize invoice,” Yu Guang stated through gritted tooth.
“I noticed that there’s an issue with this set of products. You haven’t applied sales receipt of those however. Could there be problems?” Zhou Wen asked in astonish.
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The bigwigs from the bureau had been discouraged. That was more than a hundred sets of s.p.a.ce fits. They required to fork out a large sum of cash for the children. Whilst it wasn’t a large sum on the bureau, they had been still displeased that Zhou Wen experienced considered every one of them.
“It’s Yu Guang okay.” Tang Zhizhong nodded.
Shen Yuchi was confused. Zhou Wen was asking for too much. The s.p.a.ce station’s apparatus expected a lot of technological innovation and other supplies. In this particular period, it had been tough to receive the majority of the systems and supplies. Creating a s.p.a.ce station could possibly be said to be filled up with challenges.
“Mr. Zhou, do not worry. We promise to generate the crooks to your required spot. This is certainly my range. If there’s any issue together with the s.p.a.ce matches in the foreseeable future, call up me any time. Whether or not the company shuts lower, I provides you with right after-gross sales program.” Tang Zhizhong given his quantity to Zhou Wen with both of your hands.
All of a sudden, Shen Yuchi appeared to consider a little something as his eye lit up. He explained within the communicator, “Bring Zhou Wen in. I would like to talk with him.”
“Actually, I am incredibly enthusiastic about a s.p.a.ce station. I wish to investigation it…” Tang Zhizhong and company’s hands trembled when they noticed Zhou Wen’s thoughts.
Supporting Tang Zhizhong and the remainder was only a matter of convenience. This modest price had not been enough to resolve his grudge with the bureau.
“Old Tang, are these claims some time for cracks? Everybody is anticipating this sum of money.” The center-aged man who arrived very first thought that Tang Zhizhong was joking.
Let Me Game in Peace
“Then quickly bring receipt. You have to check out the things meticulously. I do not want any low quality items,” Zhou Wen stated indifferently.
The middle-older man started off the van, but he couldn’t assistance but look at Zhou Wen through the rearview looking glass. He said with a challenging manifestation, “Old Tang, that young… Mr. Zhou… Who seems to be he? Even Cool-faced Hades appears to be very fearful of him…”
“Alright, you may abandon.” Zhou Wen got the move of cardstock while using number published in it and viewed Yu Guang. He experienced no aim of causing.
“I read that there is a problem with this set of merchandise. You haven’t used receipt of these nevertheless. Could there be a challenge?” Zhou Wen questioned in astonish.
“It’s on account of him.” Tang Zhizhong searched in Zhou Wen’s route and whispered to your center-older gentleman, “Perhaps they will likely bring receipt in our s.p.a.ce meets this point.”
Absolutely everyone quickly dropped calm. Shen Yuchi directed at them along with his finger, but he didn’t say a word. At last, he stated to the communicator, “You know how you can approach the challenge about Tang Aeros.p.a.ce, appropriate?”
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“It’s our duty as the bureau to eliminate the difficulties for government locals. If there are any issues, go ahead and inform us. Provided that it is in the range of our ability, we will definitely maintain proper rights for you…” Yu Guang claimed righteously as an impartial Justice Bao from early China.
“I know,” Yu Guang responded. He hurriedly said to Zhou Wen, “It’s our duty to help with the roll-out of small talents. The bureau has numerous sophisticated s.p.a.ce meets. If you are looking at mastering them, I could make the decision to provide you with several.”
“Alright, you could possibly leave behind.” Zhou Wen needed the slip of document together with the quantity written about it and looked at Yu Guang. He obtained no intention of leaving behind.

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